PATOMED Pathology Laboratory  is located in the center of Istanbul  within close range of large hospitals and doctors' offices. The Laboratory recieves surgical and cytological specimens from these institutions as well as from medical institutions that are located outside of Istanbul via its motorized and pedestrian couriers.  Its service area covers entire Turkey as far as the most  southern and eastern cities that are reached by by air cargo. 


PATOMED Laboratory examines surgical tissues and cytological specimens by conventional as well as immunohistochemical techniques. They are handled with great care and processed both automatically and manually by qualified technologists. Since establishment around half a million specimens have been submitted and examined.


Specimen collection  by  its own  courriers  and technicians  is  another  service  that  PATOMED  provides  as a subcontractor  for  exquisite  clients.


Business contracts for specimen examinations are made on an institutional basis with  appropriate pricing. The courrier and cargo expenses are covered by PATOMED. The reports are routinely generated within two days of  specimen entry and then e-mailed,  faxed  or uploaded to the internet. Some cases  may take more time to be examined and are usually discussed with the physician for an appropriate diagnosis. The services are billed monthly.


PATOMED Laboratory also gladly accepts walk-in patients who bring in their own specimens.


PATOMED Laboratory is dedicated for an ever progressive, high quality  medical service. Institutional Policy discloses its mission, values and principles. Today, with a growing demand and recognition, it is operating for the best of its patients. 

American Society for Clinical Pathology

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